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We need a proper understanding of what wellness is and what healthcare is, and how an individual can sustain the practice of wellness in the long run, with least cost and effop.

Most of us mentally mingle wellness and healthcare loosely together when actually they are parallel lines which will never, never meet at infinity. Though the need for one of the lines can reduce over time.


At childhood, healthcare is the institutional mandatory care given at birth and followed up with vaccinations and regular checkups.

Wellness is the home care that the child gets – nutrition, sunlight, playtime, baths, hygiene…all topped off by a nurturing and loving environment.

As the child ages into adolescence, adulthood, middle age and the senior years, certain aspects of the healthcare and wellness provided change accordingly.


Wellness comes from right type and amount of Nutrition, exposure to sunlight, a minimum of exercise (Quickcersizes), and Pranayama or breathing exercises.

The benefits of wellness are high levels of metabolism (or how much nutrition your body gets from your food), strong immunity, growing strength and stamina, high levels of energy and a positive state of mind which is a natural result of good health.

We could call the benefits MISS for short – Metabolism, Immunity, Strength & Stamina.

Enlightlife products help to balance out the shopcomings in modern diets, and they are not meal replacements.

The cost for such daily nutrition works out to as little as Rs 31 per day, you will find that it the most reasonable price when compared to what is available in the market.

With wellness life becomes a joy, higher energy results in better productivity and improved relationships…and in the long run lower healthcare bills.

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