Many air borne virus, bacteria and cold allergies and now covid virus enter through the nose and we need to know about the same.

It is important to maintain the nasal hygiene and need to keep irrigating the same daily in normal times and very frequently in these days of covid pandemic.

Let’s learn about the nose. The inner lining of the nose and throat is known as a mucous membrane, it is similar to the skin lining outside.

The mucous membrane has many thin blood vessels close to the surface, which bleeds when injured there are many fine microscopic hair on the surface of the mucous membrane, which move back and forth to facility the air movement, filter air and drain out the filtered secretions. During inhalation, the air passes becoming warm and humidified before it enters sterile area of the lungs for gas exchange.

The air passes through sinuses located in the bones of the face adjoining the nose. The sinuses are connected to the nose for various functions like air quality maintenance before it enters the lungs.

The sinuses produce a thin layer of mucus which normally flows freely into the nose , moistening the air when we breathe in and tapping and removing inhaled pollutants, dust, and allergens such as pollen’s, mold, mites, insects, dander’s and microorganisms like bacteria and viruses.

The sinuses gets blocked due to various reasons by swelling of the mucous membrane near the openings of the sinuses and gets infected and is called sinusitis

The function of the nose is to filter air, humidifying the air, regulating temperature and maintaining the normal smell, which gets altered.

Covid virus normally enters through the nasal track and it is important that one keeps the track properly irrigated and medicated apart from inhaling through the mask.

Every day the routine has to be done 2 to 3 times just like washing your hands and irrigating the nose and it is very simple.

Take warm water in the palm and bring it near the nose and draw the water till the sinus track and blow out all the dried mucus.

You have many options of further protection. Herbal inhaler is one such made by Ratna biotech which i have used and using even now which should be inhaled and many other homemade recipes soon we should have that on our website

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