Everything comes to those who wait – says the old proverb.

Is that true? Well, the longer you live, the better your chances of getting what you desire.

You may think “not really” but if you compare the time you have at your disposal while growing older, with the life an 18-year old who gets tragically killed in a bike accident…well, your chances of having your wishes fulfilled are much better.

We still have living amongst us those who saw the tumultuous days of the freedom struggle, of British men and Indian policemen beating Indians protesting peacefully. While many died in the struggle, those who lived got to enjoy the benefits of freedom, however humble those benefits may have been for them.

If we look at life through a spiritual lens, it takes many life times for every soul to attain Moksha. While many of us are skeptical about such beliefs, it is based on the common sense premise that all good work takes time.

I believe the goal should be to live long enough to become the best versions of ourselves. This can be achieved only with years of experience and the polishing that life’s challenges does on our character and personalities.

Said a wise man “If youth only knew, and if age only could.” The trick is to ‘know’ when you’re young enough and energetic enough to make a difference to the world.

With our method that was developed by experts – using supplements, sunshine and simple exercises – Enlightlife enhances your metabolism and helps you maintain high levels of energy.

Lead a longer, fuller life with more joy in it.

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