Fear is probably humankind’s most ancient instinct, the sheer difficulties and uncertainties of life before civilization began, would have required the ever-present element of fear.

The fear of being maimed or killed while hunting for meat was a definite possibility, a crippled human would have died without the care needed. Then there was the fear of darkness, of hunger, of attacks by other groups of still evolving humans…

This ancient fear is still present today in our ‘fight or flight’ response to sudden dangerous situations. It pumps in adrenaline into our systems enabling us to take on the aggressive driver in a road rage incident, or the gym-going muscle T shirt wearing guy at the next table in the bar, who stares at you and thinks he’s tough… but only after two drinks.

This fear and the associated hormones is the cause of modern stress and its related complications.

As for Dreams, all of us have dreams. Some of us are lucky enough to achieve those dreams, some realize a few of their dreams.

But we all need the help of other people to make our dreams realities.

Humans dreamed of being able to fly and the race did achieve it. Our visionaries dreamed of giving their people every basic need, once basic needs were met others were able to dream of great art, philosophy, architecture, music and so on.

“Dream,” said our late people’s president Abdul Kalam “and make it happen,” and many were inspired by him.

If you can dream it, you can do it – said many business gurus and entrepreneurs took heart from their words.

The pandemic has become a big killer of dreams, lovers were separated forever, parents have been taken away from their children, businesses begun with a spark of inspiration now lie in the dust of uncertainty, education has been discontinued, national economies are in ruins…the climb back to normalcy will be long and difficult. Normalcy itself will be redefined.

Some gave up the struggle and decided to end it all, their dreams dying with them. Perhaps they will take birth again as they died with desires unfulfilled. That is what our beliefs say. Will their next lives be right for such dreams to be fruitful?

I am often torn between what is considered traditional wisdom and the convenience of modern sensibilities, but the timeless, all-encompassing pervasiveness of karma as a belief is difficult to escape from.

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