The Nation is struggling to cope with the explosion of Covid cases while the usual blame game is being played.

When a house is on fire, it’s more important to put out the fire than find out who started the fire. All political parties, media and social media should use that as a guiding principle.

The primary fault is most likely that of a neighboring enemy nation that does not like any competition in its quest for superpower status.

Some experts say the virus is zoonotic, it was transferred from animal to humans. Some others swear it does not behave like it was created by Nature, it was most likely created in a Lab.

Some blame religious group A, and some blame the other group B.

Meanwhile we who were exporting the vaccine have started importing it, while some say the raw materials were denied to us, some others say that’s a lie.

Other nations did not have their media sneaking into hospital rooms and graveyards to expose their harsh realities, these nations have strict laws about such behavior. Here in India we seem to have an ‘anything goes’ democracy.

Unregulated freedom exists in some areas and over censorship in some other areas.

Meanwhile Covid continues to march forward grimly, taking away more and more lives. In a relatively sanitized world which hasn’t seen such death since the end of small pox and bubonic plague, it comes as a rude shock.

Long used to thinking that we are at the top of the food chain, our powerlessness against a virus is a global wake up call.

There is welcome news of a nasal spray vaccine ready for market and waiting govt permission, it will not need trained medical professionals to deploy and will add much speed and power to the current efforts to contain and finally eradicate the virus.

There is talk of a third wave now, like the second one wasn’t bad enough.

The question really is “Will our behavior change?” that is what Jane Goodall, probably the world’s leading primatologist asks in a video. When this is over, will we learn to live in harmony with other nations, and with the other species in our forests? Or will we continue to plot against other countries, and continue to sacrifice our forests to destructive linear projects like railways, highways, power lines and to vote bank human settlements, commercial plantations etc.

The latter behavior is more likely as our greed is stronger than our compassion.

Meanwhile, experts warn of more imminent viral invasions triggered by various factors. Some created by human cunning to lay low other nations, and some by human callousness and disregard for life, both animal and human.

The glorious human race that wrote the vedas, built the pyramids and put men on the moon, needs to be reminded, harshly if necessary, that all life on Earth is dependent on six inches of topsoil.

It does not matter who fired first, and who fired back and fired the most and who shot whom in the back…what matters is that people are dying.

In the many messages we receive about how to prevent Covid, and how to manage it once you are infected, it would make good sense if there was more information on how to stay well-nutritioned in order to prevent it, and to be cured easily if you do catch it.

More information on bringing a holistic approach to the current situation is also required urgently. The psychological damage on the entire population will be immense.

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