About Us

ML Amarnath

ML Amarnath is the Founder, Chief Promoter, and Director at Enlight Life. He has over 45 years of experience in setting up various types of industries. He specializes in conceptionalising the market needs and converts into a business module.

He learned the body in question from Rigveda to Ayurveda to grandmother’s recipe to Nutrigenomics to nutraceutical extracts and designed the products that would support all sectors of the human race with the least effort, cost, and a huge benefit.

What we do?

We, at Enlightlife, provide a plethora of nutritional supplements to deal with this problem of nutritional deficiency. We aim to help people lead a better and healthier life naturally in this very busy lifestyle. We work with scientists, nutritionists, food technologists, and fitness experts from well-known organizations to create a range of fortified foods or supplements which can be consumed to balance the nutrients which people miss getting it from their daily food habits.

History of the Company

Millions of Indians, even though well-fed lack the proper nutrients. Around 2018, the company was set up and we took the challenge to fulfill the needs of the country. The modern lifestyle and typical Indian diet containing excess carbohydrates with a lack of good amount of proteins, healthy fats, and other micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are large to be blamed.


Our range of products is not only natural and pure but also are tasty. The products are developed and sourced after proper scientific research.  They are aimed at improving a person’s metabolism and overall health. Health benefits of our products include improving immunity, digestion, strength and stamina, weight management, detoxification, managing diabetes, bowel health, and sports performance.

Countries we operate in

Contact us  +91-7406301199

All our products go through intense hygiene and safety checks meeting the international standards even during the COVID times

We work with major courier service providers in India. Out partners offer best delivery support mechanism. All the products are packed and delivered safely at the convenience of your home.

We offer 24×7 support and customer care. You can contact us at support@enlightlife.in for any queries

Thousands of satisfied customers vouch for our products as we intend to make a mark for us in the market. We are a young and dynamic company which work towards one goal of providing nutrition at best prices.