Health Benefits Of Turmeric

Do you know what empowers us Indians the most when it comes to our kitchen? Well, it’s what we house in our cabins as our everyday spices. So, whether it is the seeds of cumin, carom, fennel, fenugreek, pepper or turmeric powder, we always have something that is beyond its culinary value in our cooking arsenal. And, when we talk about the health benefits of turmeric, there’s more to the spice other than mixing it with milk, (the notorious ‘haldi wala doodh’) to cure a cold or bad throat in India.

Healthy Beginnings: How To Start Healthy Eating For Children Early

What does your dinner table look like? Are your breakfast scenes all about convincing the kids to finish their veggies off their plate and have ghee instead of processed jam, and ketchup with their Rotis/Paranthas? And for God’s sake, eat without watching YouTube cartoons on your phone? Well, healthy eating for children today seems like a far-fetched dream with all forms of junk and processed options you wish didn’t exist in the supermarkets at all. Right?

What Makes The Indian Diet A Healthy One?

We all love our moms’ haath ka khaana. Be it the Makke ki Roti with Sarso ka Saag or aromatic Biriyani, we just drool. Paranthas smeared with fresh butter or fluffy Idlis with piping hot Sambhar or chutney, drive us into a food coma. And the fragrant halwas or laddoos, leave us licking our fingers off the last piece from the container! Even something that is as quick fix as Tikkis, Curd Rice, or an instant mixed veg Poriyal satisfies every bit of hunger and craving. Well, what makes the Indian diet so interesting and appetizing?