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Enlightlife Fibrerich

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  • Improves bowel health
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Manages diabetes
  1. Bowel Health/Constipation – Constipation and irregularity are major outcomes of a fibre–deficient diet. Fibrerich provides bulk to the waste and decreases the colon transit time from 20-36 hrs to 2-6 hrs. Fibrerich is one of the most natural fibre supplements for constipation.
  2. Fibrerich for Bad Cholesterol – Cholesterol management is one of the key benefits of Fibrerich. Soluble fibres form gel in the stomach and appear to behave like “fat” inside the body. The gel seems to instruct the brain which sends message to the gall-bladder to empty itself . The gel subsequently irreversibly traps bile – salts preventing their reabsorption in the distal ileum. Regular emptying of gallbladder may help reduce risk of gall-stones. The action of emptying and trapping the bile forces the liver to take cholesterol from the blood to make new bile in order to aid the digestion of food.
  3. Diabetes Management – Fibrerich delays gastric emptying and increases intestinal transit time. Glucose is trapped in the gel and leaches out slowly over a long period. Instead of a short-lived steep rise in blood sugar level, gel-fibre gives a moderate level over a long time which helps to avoid fatigue and need for frequent eating. This also reduces the need for high amounts of insulin or anti-diabetic medication in diabetics.

The health benefits of fibre supplements are many!




Say goodbye to discomfort and lifestyle diseases! Fibrerich is debitterized, low fat fenugreek seed powder. It contains high protein and dietary fibre which includes both soluble and insoluble dietary fibres. Fibrerich can be incorporated in protein powders to enhance the dietary fibre content.

Directions for use:

  1. Add 1 spoon (5 g) of Fibrerich in a glass of drinking water. Stir well and consume.
Categories: Advanced Nutrition, Diabetes Management


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