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Enlightlife Wave Up

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  • Helps burn fat by accelerating fat metabolism
  • Reduces fat synthesis
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Helps to control food cravings

Helps to control food cravings

HCA brings about weight reduction by blocking the conversion of sugars and starches into fats, thus inhibiting extra fat synthesis. Also HCA inhibits a key enzyme in fat metabolism and prevents fat accumulation and other obesity related parameters like cholesterol, triglycerides etc. HCA increases serotonin levels which is an appetite suppressant and reduces food intake by inducing satiety thereby supporting the belief that HCA may assist in weight loss.

Enlight life’s Wave Up is a 100% water-soluble extract having 70% of HCA. It contains a triple salt of calcium, potassium and magnesium thereby providing essential minerals.

It can also be added into any form of beverages.




Product description

Garcinia cambogia commonly known as Malabar Tamarind is a tropical fruit grown in the coastal Karnataka/Kerala region in India and other Southeast Asian countries. It is used as a culinary ingredient and also as a traditional medicine for treating many health disorders.  Wave Up is a concentrated extract of Garcinia cambogia fruit rind containing hydroxycitric acid as the main bioactive molecule. HCA from Garcinia helps in boosting metabolism and weight loss.

Ingredient: Garcinia cambogia fruit rind extract (70% HCA)- 1.2 g.

Direction for use:

Dissolve contents of 1 sachet in 1 liter of water and consume dividing into 2 or 3 parts within 6 hours. More effective when consumed 1 hour before food.

Daily dosage: Maximum 1 sachet to be consumed per day.

Categories: Advanced Nutrition, Weight Loss


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